Our Mission

DontFeartheFinger and 1400Miles is about Prostate Health; Information, Awareness and Action.

Everything we do is geared towards getting Stubborn Men to pay attention to their prostate health.When we ride 1400 Miles, that may sound crazy but it gets your attention. When you hear the phrase“Don’t Fear the Finger, you laugh – but you pay attention. When we provide the opportunity for a free PSA Exams and a full blood work up, you should take action.

All the funds we raise are spent creating events that generate Attention or support testing that will give men the vital Information they need to make sound decisions when it comes to the health of their prostate. All this, to get men to take Action!

In 2015, through our efforts and events, we reached over 17 MILLION people nationwide with our message of Information, Awareness and Action.

Through our partnership with PCEC (Prostate Conditions Education Council) we offer Free PSA Exams and full blood workups to hundreds of men. Our goal for 2016 is 1400 men. These tests would cost $700 if provided by the health care industry. By working with PCEC and their partner labs, we are able to provide this testing at a cost of $25 for each test but free to the participant.

Our partner charity, Pints for Prostates, is engaged on a year round basis in this effort to inform men about the importance of “paying attention”. They use the universal language of Beer to get men to engage in conversations they might not have, otherwise.

As one of our 2015 riders said, 1400Miles is working the front end not the back end.

Our campaign’s focus is to get men ahead of this disease and hopefully spare them and their loved ones the excruciating pain and heartache that can come for suffering with or even dying from prostate cancer.

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